Thursday, 26 March 2015

Stage 3: Frame

Things are moving along just fine with our ground floor frame near completion and the first floor and roof to follow in the coming days. I drove past yesterday while the guys were there so was lucky to get my first look at some of the rooms as so far am very impressed with our choice and can't wait for the rest to develop.

View from the kitchen out towards the alfresco and state forest in the distance.

The steel beam that will hold the first floor up and enable us to have our clear span column out to the alfresco.

The open living kitchen area with the window splash back in the rear wall.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Stage 2: Slab

Things have moved along very quickly with the piers being done and the slab going down all in a couple of days.

All ready to go.

Our expensive drop edge beam.

Great bunch of guys in action. Excellent job.

The finished product.

We have gone from a vacant site to finished slab in under two weeks.

Stage 1: Excavation

What a surprise to find on the way to work while driving past the block and looked up the driveway (like I do two or three times a day) and to my surprise there were Giant Tonka Toys playing in the dirt on our site.

And the end result:

This shows our 60,000 ltr detention tank that we are required to have and that we are going to hide out of site under a deck. Stayed tuned on this one.